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Version 2.9.0: Indigo Disk update

  • Added new Pokemon, Moves, Abilities, Items from the latest DLC
  • Added Stellar teratype mechanics
  • The Damage Calculator, Speed Calculator, and Battle Simulator now automatically shifts a Pokemon to its necessary battle form when needed (example: Terapagos)
  • Move details screens now display the Move's learnability through Sketch

Other updates

  • You can now search for either English or Japanese terms from all search boxes. English and Japanese names of Pokemon, Abilities, Moves, and Items are all displayed in their corresponding detail screens.
  • Eviolite now works properly on Dipplin
  • Protosynthesis and Quark Drive now gets properly disabled in calcs when Neutralizing Gas is active
  • Fixed Revelation Dance damage type to match the Pokemon's current type

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