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Version 2.0.0: Scarlet/Violet game mechanics support

Important: Sword and Shield-only mechanics such as Dynamax had been removed. Only Scarlet/Violet game mechanics would be supported moving forward. Saved Pokemon, moves, abilities, and items not available in SV will be marked with a red slash indicating unavailability in current Ranked Battles:

Unavailable Pokemon

Scarlet/Violet updates:

  • All Pokemon, moves, abilities, and items from Paldea are now supported in the app (including Pokepastes)
  • Tera types can now be set for Pokemon in the team builder and the damage calculator
  • The damage calculator now supports more mechanics such as multi-hit moves, moves that depend on fainted allies, Rage Fist modifiers, new items, new abilities (including Ruin abilities), and more!
  • And of course, Team Sheet sharing now supports SV info:
SV Team Sheet

Thanks to all who had reached out and expressed their interest in the SV update for this app!

As always please use the in-app "Feedback / Suggestions" menu if you find any issues or to share any suggestions. Enjoy!

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