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About VGC Helper

So until 2021, I had been using a personal app as tool for building SwSh ladder teams. I’m not a high ranking player at all, but I do enjoy the team-building process and the app I made let me use features not common in our existing tools.

After the BDSP announcement confirming SwSh would stay as the competitive meta for VGC for a while, I decided to polish my app and share it with the public. Hope you find it useful too!

Features: (screenshots available from the link above)

  • Damage calculator
  • Speed ranking calculator
  • Battle assistant (live calcs between your team and your opponent's)
  • Teams list manager
  • Full pokepaste support (including pokepaste URLs)
  • Scan teams from your Switch with the camera
  • Search Pokemon with specific weaknesses, resistances and/or immunities (and other convenient tags) and then sort them by specific stats
  • Search moves with specific types and stat boosts/drops and then sort them by specific move attributes
  • Search items with specific stat boosts/drops, with ability to sort by Fling damage
  • Ability to discover Pokemon (or its nonexistence) with specific combination of abilities and moves
  • View team summaries such as overall type strengths and weaknesses, average speeds, and type coverage